Wow. Did you miss me? I missed you. I missed music. Playing to your laptop is no fun! So now, thankfully, it's time to get back to enjoying live music. Please follow the instructions given to you by the experts - and that way we can get back to a bit of normality! 




It's a bit like pressing the random button on my life's music player - only to discover that it's your life's music player too! The Guilty Pleasures show will give you a heady mix of rock, pop, soul and reggae. You will get Beatles and John Holt. You will get Maroon 5 and T Rex. George Ezra and Elvis. It's a different show every performance, so you can book with confidence time and time again! Warning: this has been known to bring on impromptu Pop Quizzes at the bar!


This show is an affectionate tribute to the Brummie maestro Jeff Lynne. Visually, I make myself look like Jeff does (c)2021. Musically, I have some of the most authentic backing tracks in the world, and many reviews have commented about how close to the classic ELO sound I get. As far as the dance routines are concerned - I'm spot on! *  The current version of the show features the same set list as the one used on his 2019 North American tour, although in a slightly different order in order to fit in a couple of extra songs, including tracks from his most recent album, "From out of nowhere". Jeff Lynne's ELO are hoping to continue with the 2020 World Tour later this year. 

(*Jeff Lynne doesn't dance) 


It can't be easy being a Beatles                                                      Tribute act: you may have the wig                                                        and the Nehru suit.  You may even                                                          have the Rickenbacker or Hofner.                                                s.

You have an amazing set of songs

to play - from "Love me do" to "I

me mine". Then someone asks you for "Imagine", or "Live and Let Die". What can you do? Both are classics. Both sit proudly next to

John and Paul's finest compositions. But they are NOT actually Beatles songs. This is where "After The Beatles" comes in.

John, Paul, George and Ringo had 67 top 40 hits between them.

This show features around 30 of them. This is not a "tribute show" in the accepted sense of the phrase - no wigs or impressions - but with over 90 minutes of classic British hits, you are guaranteed a great night of music.

70s MANIA!

What a decade! Starting with Bread and ending with The Jam! In between those, we had Glam Rock, Progressive Rock, Sugar-coated Pop, the popularisation of Reggae, and the birth of Disco. Imagine a show that throws all of this together with the speed of a "Top of the Pops"

compilation - Imagine no more. It's here!  


check back here for updates of all of my public shows. Whether they are for Guilty Pleasures, Tribute to Jeff Lynne's ELO, 70s Mania!, or After The Beatles, you'll find them here....

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