70s MANIA!


When I first started doing my "Guilty Pleasures" show  way back in 2010 I tried to mix it up as much as I could. Experience showed that I needed as wide a repertoire of great 'crowd pleasers' as possible. I realised that I had overdone it a bit when I found myself being forced to drop loads of fantastic tracks from my shows (to avoid me becoming the Ken Dodd of music!) I found myself with over 700 songs vying for position in a 30 song performance. Further scrutiny indicated that most of the ones I had been reluctantly forced to jettison were from the 1970s. This was the genesis of the show.

Many acts around the country do 70s or 80s shows and call them 'tributes'. I prefer to call them 'revue shows'. This show was debuted towards the end of 2019 and went down very well with the audience chosen as my guineapigs! Many of the decade's biggest acts are represented in the show, including David Bowie, T Rex, Wings, Gerry Rafferty, Mud, The Sweet, Cockney Rebel and many more. It would be a great show to make a themed event out of eg encourage your customers to dress up, or put themed drink promotions etc.


"This is such a great show - so much fun, well done!" L.J

"OMG WHAT.A.NIGHT! Absolutely fabulous xx thank you so much. Everyone enjoyed your show" TD