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Jeff Lynne was born in 1947 in Birmingham, England. After a few years with local bands, he began to find his feet as leader of The Idle Race. Whilst recording an album at EMI studios in Abbey Road, he met his idols The Beatles - who were recording their "White Album". A short time later, his band split, and he began working with Roy Wood's band The Move. Roy and Jeff (together with band members Bev Bevan and Richard Tandy) began formulating a plan for a new group to work alongside The Move, to be called The Electric Light Orchestra. The first album was duly made, at which point Wood decided to step aside into a different direction, leaving Lynne to lead ELO.

Success spread from America over to the UK during the mid-1970s, and the band achieved record sales thought to be in excess of 70 million between 1971 and 1986 - when Lynne folded the band.  For the next 27 years, he began a new career as Record producer to the stars. 

I have been a big fan of the Electric Light Orchestra since I first heard "Rockaria!" on the top 20 rundown in 1977 ( You are probably beginning to see a pattern here!) so it was only natural that I would start to add an ELO song or two into my set. Totally unexpectedly, Jeff Lynne began to re-enter the public eye in 2012 with a covers album, then the massive Hyde Park show in 2014 thrust him firmly back into the spotlight. Around this time, I was interested to discover that there was not a solo tribute show anywhere in the Midlands or south of England - so I did it! 

The wig, aviators and beard are not real, but my passion for the music is. My show loosely follows the format of his 2017 Wembley show, but with an interval (to re-glue my beard!) and and the addition of  a few more ELO hits including tracks from his 2019 number one album "From out of nowhere". This is a full-on lookalike / soundalike show that has been enjoyed by audiences up and and down the country, and continues to be a popular choice for music- loving venues. 

I have always been a fan of ELO - well, since I first heard "Rockaria!" in around 1976 anyway.. When I started singing live I used to squeeze a track in when I felt I could get away with it. In 2013, I discovered that I wasn't the only ELO fan in the world, and was eager to see him live, as I was too young during his heyday. I didn't ever think he would tour again, so I looked around for a tribute show, but I could only find full bands. So I decided to do one myself. I started with the music - a prodessional musician managed to replicate the ELO sound on backing tracks for me, and I was able to do a fairly accurate version of Jeff Lynne's voice. Add a beard, wig (not the curly 70s perm, as his hair is different now) and trademark Aviators, and the show was born!

It's been a fantastic success so far, with many fans giving it a vote of confidence, and is well worth a look! 




"Guy Young is uncanny as Jeff. As a lifelong fan of ELO I was shocked at how authentic he was" (MS - who has worked with Roy Wood, Bev Bevan, Kelly Groucott),     "You rocked Manchester last night mate, absolutely BRILLIANT" (WB)

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